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What are the things, in terms of art, are you struggling with?

I think mostly I’m struggling what everyone else in art school is struggling with, which is the anxiety and uncertainty of the future. Not all of us are going to be successful as artists or designers, more so in a world that does not value art and creativity on the daily. I actually find that so stupid considering how much we are all surrounded by creativity and the arts. But anyway, I think I beat myself up way too much about what happens after my degree but at the end of the day, even those who chose to do things like law and nursing aren’t all going to graduate and have a career related to their degree. Ultimately, we’re all lost.

That ended on a really depressing note, I’m so sorry. xD


I was going through some of the questions I haven’t answered and a lot of them were just generally art school or just art related.

I’d like to take this time to answer them. So if anyone wants to have a discussion or has a question or anything like that about art school and things, I’m happy to answer them. :)


Elena Tsigaridou born in Nicosia, Greece in 1980, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Urbino and Rome, from where she graduated in 2003 with honors.

She produces large ink drawings often incorporated with string imbued with delicate observation and romantic lyricism that seek to elicit the sensations, memories and wonder associated with our experiences and encounters. Her work has been exhibited in personal and group exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad (Rome, Brussels).

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Aaron Hegert


Paintings by Greta Kotz

Happy Father’s Day to all my daddy followers!


Drawings by Erika Medel Martinez aka EriMed


New works by Camilla dErrico from Vancouver, Canada

End of semester celebrations! For me, anyway.

Starting on Monday, I’ll be doing a series of posts from your favorite artists’ interpretation of stories like the classic Disney, Grimm fairytales and various time honoured bedtime stories.

This will run for the entire week so something to be excited about there.

I hope everyone’s having an awesome day so far.

I look forward to posting stuff for all of you on Monday.

P.S. Usual rules apply, artist credit is important and crucial to this blog so please respect the artists and not remove any of the links that I add anything I post.


Paco Pomet (b.1970, Spain)

Granada-born artist Paco Pomet bases his paintings on old archival photographs, interjecting silly, surreal, and absurd elements — skewed and stretched features, scale shifts, extra or missing limbs, or goofy pop imagery — commenting on the distorting nature of memory. (src: Lost At E Minor)

© All images courtesy the artist

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